Does Last.Fm’s Powerplay Campaign Work?


The insightful guys over at The Music Think Tank, did a little experiment with Last.Fm’s Powerplay campaign. This campaign is one of the new Internet Radio Pay-To-Play campaigns to get your band some exposure. We previously profiled Jango’s Pay-To-Play system here. The findings these guys experienced are quite interesting!
  • Krikor

    My band tried the Jango “$30 for 1,000 plays” deal. And the results were mixed. On one hand, they did play our songs (we did the dead for two songs) 1,000 times each, and we had a lot of people visit our page (on Jango), leave comments and become “fans” on the page.
    Which is all good, and probably worth the price. As for the promise that the song would become part of their rotation once it hit a certain threshold (which ours did), we haven’t seen that happen. Plays have pretty much gone down to zero since our paid-plays ran out.
    So, for a pretty cheap price, you’ll get exposure and feedback, but it pretty much ends as soon as the money is gone.