Did Trent Reznor Just Explain The Music Industry Fail Of Extraordinary Machine

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Earlier today, we linked you to an awesome episode of Sound Opinions. After listening to this weeks killer episode, something guest Trent Reznor said we found very interesting. When discussing Chris Cornell’s latest Timbaland produced steaming pile of sh*t record, he offered the insight that he has recieved similar advice in direction from the same label upon delivering Year Zero.

“Maybe we need to put some beats on this thing get it in the club ya know?”

Back a few years ago, Fiona Apple turned in a genius version of her Jon Brion produced record Extraordinary Machine. This version soon leaked and the majority of us couldn’t believe that a record company would not put out this amazing album. The record company then sent her to record a new version of it with Brian Kashew and Mike Elizando (known for his work with Dr. Dre and Eminem). This new version was laughable to anyone who heard the original and left a lot of us with a giant WTF? feeling. While Fiona Apple was on a different label this has echoed a trend and advice we at Musformation have heard before from some of the less gifted minds of the industry.

I think what Trent spilled the beans on was a logic running around the industry that if you just “drop some beats on it,” the record will turn to gold. Remind me again why you want to be working with the mental athletes at the major labels these days??? Have fun promoting that Chris Cornell record guys!

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  • warriorwoman

    One person’streaming pile of sh*t” is another person’s fertilizer that aids in the growth of something that can be truly enjoyed for it’s unique qualities.
    I love Cornell’s album “Scream”. Many are turned off by the fact it’s produced by Timbaland. All I hear when I listen to the album is Cornell. The rest all blends in for a very interesting mixture.

  • Deuce X. McKenna

    Mr. Cornell,
    Leaving a comment with the nom de plume “warriorwoman” isn’t fooling anyone. That record isn’t even a steaming pile of dogsh*t. It’s a crusty, sun-dried, maggot-picked, stepped-in pile of dogsh*t, completely free of any “unique qualities.”