Dave Grohl And Fresh Pots: Using Humor To Showcase Your Band’s Personality

Being in a band doesn’t always have to be about being a bad ass and writing brilliant press releases to make you sound like a musical genius.  Sometimes the best way to win new fans is to show the idiosyncrasies of your group.   Recently, the band Them Crooked Vultures posted a funny video of Dave Grohl running around like a maniac due to caffeine overdose.  The video wasn’t necessarily to promote anything in particular, just to show what a swell bunch of guys they are and how funny they can be.  What the video has done is: kept the band in the news cycle, remind old fans of what a good band they are, probably introduced the band to a whole  lot of people who didn’t know they existed before.  Bottom line is that if it’s funny or interesting, people will pass it along and you’ll have a much better chance of getting a foot in the door with a new audience.  Of course, you might not have someone as notable as Dave Grohl in your band to star in a video, but nearly every band has characters and sides to their personality that are interesting and worth watching.   Further, since most bands don’t bother to show who they really are, this can separate you very quickly from the competition.  

  • Sam_K

    I am totally confused about the whole Exposure Vs Mystique thing and where I should position myself (as an artist) on that spectrum.

  • Todd Thomas

    I think the mystique thing can work but it’s not for everyone. And as Jesse pointed out in a previous article, being mysterious is not always a good thing for a new band. You’re already unknown by most people, so it doesn’t always help to hide yourself.
    Especially when the goal is to get a small group of devoted fans, the more you can show about your unique personality the better (that is partially why Twitter has become useful for so many artists).

  • Will Rieske

    He got rushed to the hospital days later because he OD’ed on caffeine.