Coupling To Create Events To Gain More Fans

couple-holding-hands.jpgNo, we’re not talking about having your girlfriend join the band (just ask Fleetwood Mac how that turned out).  In this case, “coupling” refers to joining forces with another event/cause/party/etc to help promote your band.  This idea works on a number of levels.  First off, you’re borrowing someone else’s promotional power, which can be great leverage.  In addition, it can also draw in new fans who have never heard of your music before.  Living in NYC, it is very difficult for most people to get heads out to their shows – there is so much competition, just going to see a band is sometimes not enough of an incentive (especially when the band is just starting out).   The truth is, most people are too busy to care about your band, especially if they’ve never heard of you.  While some people may not be able to get used to the fact that all the attention won’t be on them, the truth is that the four people you had lined up to go see you play at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn for the 50th time next Tuesday don’t amount to very much.   Even if you don’t get paid for some of these things, the new exposure you can get can be invaluable.  Art openings, fundraisers, parties, sponsored events are all good examples – be creative and keep your eyes open and you’ll see a lot of opportunities out there.