Comparing Google Music To iTunes And Amazon

Double click the image to view in full resolution. (via Huffington Post)

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  • Kris Karcher

    some one should do a comparison as to how much each service pays directly to the artist. or even better exactly where my .99 cents (or w.e it is) goes too. cause to be honest with all these services producing the same thing. (a digital track) i would be more likely to use the service i feel most helpful and supportive to the artist i’m buying the music of. 

    I would like to point out that i’m not someone who buys digital music. (i prefer tangible formats) but when i am forced to buy it (digital only music) i would find this information helpful. 

    • Anonymous

      Well right now it looks like they are paying 8 percent more than iTunes. But I want to investigate those details a bit more before I am sure of it. Jesse Cannon
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