The 30 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed Recently 10/8/10


  1. Carrying CDs Around To Give Out Still? Stop! Use Dropbox!
  2. Interview With Marty Frascogna On International Touring
  3. Are Facebook Groups The New Messageboards?
  4. Avid Announce Pro Tools HD Native
  5. Band Tip: Practice On Your Own
  6. PayPal Now Allows You To Deposit Checks From Your iPhone
  7. Pulley Leaves Beta And Launches Digital Download Service
  8. Make A GoodReads Book Club For Your Group
  9. DIY Watermarking So You Can Protect Your Record From Leaking
  10. Check Out TuneCore’s Guide To Using Ping
  11. Square Goes Cheesy And Shows How Easy It Is To Use Their Credit Card Reader
  12. Some Cool Ways To Change A Key
  13. Check Out A Great Interview With Vinni Fiorello Of Paper + Plastik Records
  14. Facebook Upgrades Insights For Their Pages
  15. Soundcloud Shows How Its Service Can Make Collaboration Easier
  16. Letting Go Of A Song/Mix
  17. Watch The Trailer For Music Doc “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”
  18. Don’t Let Your Laziness Ruin Your Merch Profits
  19. What Good Mastering Does
  20. Put All Of The Songs You Play Live Up On Your Social Networks
  21. ReverbNation Teams With APM Music To Give Users Licensing Opportunities
  22. Why You Have To Master Your Music
  23. Tips On Building A Song’s Climax
  24. 10 Things You Should Know About Recording Keyboards
  25. MakeUseOf Tells The Results Of What Online Radio Their Listeners Use The Most
  26. Splitgigs Will Help You Find Like-Minded Groups To Play Shows With
  27. Give Your Merch Person Commission To Increase Sales
  28. ReverbNation Is Changing The Tab Name Of MyBand
  29. Grandfather On How They Made A DIY Record The Modern Way
  30. Why American Hip-Hop is Dying

The 17 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week 4/16/10


  1. Two Other Ways To Find Places To Crash On The Road
  2. The Relevance Of Apps Today
  3. How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Prey
  4. Big Cartel To Launch Digital Download Service Pulley on 10/4
  5. Give A 2 Day Notice To Your Twitter Followers While On Tour
  6. Awesome Video: Where Good Ideas Come From
  7. Better Than The Van To Relaunch
  8. 10 Internet Resources For Booking Gigs
  9. Phoenix Release Full Multitrack Files For Their Wolfgang Amadeus Record
  10. Check Out This Over The Top Video On Getting Endorsements
  11. Official.FM In Action
  12. Jay Frank Makes A Checklist For What To Have Ready When Your Song Drops
  13. Metric Teams Up With Indaba Music For A Remix Contest
  14. Motel 6 Restarts Rock Yourself To Sleep Promotion
  15. Check Out Nimbit’s WordPress Integration
  16. What Is In The New Updated MySpace Profiles?
  17. Remix Deadmau5 And Perhaps You Could Open For Him!

The 17 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week 9/17/10


  1. How To Create A Facebook Reveal Tab
  2. To Summarize Your Social Network Updates Or Not To?
  3. Tracks Are Not The Only Thing To Trade Emails, Tweets And Facebook Likes For
  4. Next Big Sound Launches Premium Service
  5. Bandcamp Now With Awesome Facebook Embed Feature
  6. Remember Not To Annoy The Fans You Already Have To Get New Ones
  7. Project Rodney Will Trade Facebook Shares Or Tweets For A Track
  8. Approaching Blogs To Write About You Advice From Ty White
  9. How To Setup A Root Music Band Page
  10. Avoid Over-Editing: Spend A Little More Time Tracking
  11. Advice On Increasing Your Mailing List From Fanbridge
  12. Great Twitter Advice From Mashable
  13. What Is Mix Cloud?
  14. Touring Bands Get A Free Meal At Chicago Restaurant Gabba Gabba Hey
  15. TuneCore And SoundCloud Team Up To Get Your Music Around The Web
  16. 4 Music Industry Books You Must Read
  17. Storenvy Is A Free Online Merch Store For Your Music

The 16 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week 9/10/10


  1. To Link To Your Press Or Not To?
  2. Getting TV And Film Placements
  3. How To Get Your DIY Release Carried On Amazon
  4. Google Add Another Type Of Blog Search, Great For Promoting Your Music
  5. Licensing Advice From Modiba
  6. WordPress Is Becoming More Tumblr Like, All The More Reason To Use It For Your Website
  7. Derek Sivers Speech On Keeping Your Goals To Yourself
  8. How To Build Potential Fans With Last.FM
  9. Bandcamp Begins To Charge For Free Downloads
  10. Even More Licensing Advice
  11. Unsolicited Press Releases: DON’T SEND THEM – EVER!
  12. TuneCore Teams With ASCAP To Give Users a 25% Discount
  13. Clearing Your Mind For Better Songwriting
  14. le="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; color: rgb(0, 0, 153); background-color: transparent; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; text-decoration: underline; vertical-align: baseline;">Amie Street Is No More

The 16 Musformation Reads You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week 9/4/10


  1. Anatomy Of A Strategy: How the Bed Intruder Song Made It To The Billboard Top 100 Chart
  2. Jango Will Give You Play Credits If You Get Other Artists To Sign Up
  3. Scion Is Looking For Great Unsigned American Bands
  4. Arcade Fire Showcases Amazing Glimpse Of Marketing Future Using HTML5
  5. What To Do If Someone Is Using Your Stuff On MySpace Or YouTube
  6. CD Baby’s DIY Musician Podcast Does Fanfunding
  7. Watch Architects Record With Producer Steve Evetts
  8. 15 Merch Table Tips
  9. Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat Program Will Give Your Touring Band Free Food
  10. Some Internet Facts Everyone Should Know
  11. 3 Common Contract Mistakes w/ International Gigs
  12. Root Music Announces YouTube Tracks
  13. Apple’s Ping For Now Is Just Another Major Label Corporate Power Grab
  14. NME Breakthrough Is A New Social Network To Get Your Band Discovered
  15. The Rocket Summer On How He Records
  16. How To Get Your Music Played On KCRW One Of The Biggest Tastemaking Radio Stations