Make It Interesting With A Visual Element

Most of us spend our teenage years dreaming of playing arenas and
getting to do cool things like blow up a Tyranosaurus Rex on stage,
shoot lasers through your legs during a guitar solo and project images
of frogs being blown up like a Jodorwosky film. OK maybe those were my
teenage dreams but we still want to do something looks totally awesome
on stage. The good news is you don’t have to wait untill you get to the
arenas to do something cool on stage. The bad news is it just takes a
little bit of effort. Here are some ideas of how you can easily add some
cool visuals to your live show for cheap.


Geo-Target For Better Show Promotions


We all know that raising awareness for your shows is one of the best ways to get a big turnout. But when you have a national fanbase, annoying your fans about the big local show can be a quick way to get your messages ignored. So, what is the solution to the fact that you want to increase your show turn out without annoying your fans who live nowhere near your upcoming shows? Geo-Targeting! Follow me to the jump and I will explain further.


Link Your Songkick Profile To Insure Fans Hear About Your Shows

MOB Song kick.pngOne of the most important parts of getting fans out to shows is to make sure they know you are coming to town. One of the most under utilized tools for this is to link your Songkick profile. By linking this page fans can sign up to get updates when ever you are in town for the duration of your career. This insures they will be aware of when you come around. Songkick shares concert listings with Bandcamp, Yahoo, YouTube, Hype Machine, BBC, Mobile Roadie, etc., so more people
can find out about your gigs. If your gigs aren’t showing up on Songkick learn how to make them do so here.

Better Than The Van Relaunches

Better Than The Van an awesome database for places to stay on tour has updated it’s service!
Some of the new features include:
Bands Can:
- Find free places to stay on tour
- Search and connect with other bands touring to the same cities or  
- Directly connect with established and DIY venues
- Make new fans/friends with music-minded people in other cities

Music Fans Can:
- Host touring bands and other music fans
- Create a “Venue” page to easily connect w/ bands &  host shows
- Automatically be notified when bands are touring near them
- Discover new bands and help them connect the dots