How Do You Deal With Too Much Trust?

Recently, we came across a comment on one of our posts that asked “What do you do when the rest of your band trusts you too much and thinks everything you say or do is gold?” While this is a rare instance it is an issue that can be detrimental to your music reaching its full potential. One of the best things about music is everyone is able to have an opinion. If everyone involved in a project is humble and reasonable, everyone’s opinions can be discussed and an easy consensus can be reached.


Programming Note: We’re Back!

Hey! Long time no see! I know, you probably assumed we dropped off the face of the planet but really, we were just gearing up for something even more amazing. As you can see this blog has a great new look, that we are very proud of. We have also moved the blog from Movable Type to WordPress (word to the wise, if you aren’t an ultra-coding geek, stick with WordPress as your CMS). You will now see more than one post from us every weekday consistently (if not more), just like we used to do. The other exciting news is that we launched this site to gear up for the Musformation Book! It is finally, almost complete. To welcome us back if you can spread the word by clicking all those share buttons and let people know we are back we would REALLY appreciate it. Stay tuned for some GREAT content, we already have almost 100 new articles written, and waiting to go out and show you some great new things in the world of music. So much cool stuff to come and please let us know if you see anything funny going on in the new website. Thanks!

PS Thanks to Jackie and Matt for doing an amazing job and making this new design what it is!

Aviary’s Online Music Creator Roc Is Releasing 50 New Instruments This Month


In the past we have told you about online music creation tool Roc. This browser based music creation tool has been one of the coolest ways we have found to make music on the web and it is about to get a whole lot cooler. In what Aviary (who also have many other cool browser based tools) has dubbed “30 days of Roc” they will be releasing 50 new instruments for the platform that will make it all the more enjoyable to create music using their amazing tool. To learn more about it, keep up with their blog which will be announcing the new additions and showing the ropes of this cool new tool.