Bonding With Fans Using Plug.DJ

t26ec65__origin_Plugdj-1It’s rare to see the overnight success that experienced, but sadly it crashed and burned. From the ashes of Turntable, Plug.DJ has risen. Tapping into the social part of music, Plug enables you to host DJ chatrooms with your friends, fans or new friends. You can play each other any song in their system or in your own library. This social experience is an amazing way to bond with fans, while enabling them to discover music in a fresh new way.

Getting On Plug.DJ

If your music is on SoundCloud or YouTube it can be played on Plug.DJ. This also means that in a room, listeners can see videos, so if you have great one it can be seen by the masses.

Existing Rooms

What makes fun is that there are hundreds of users at a time in the popular rooms, which are unlimited in size. At times, DJ spots can open in these rooms giving you a chancea to spin something. You can keep DJing if you avoid getting Mehed, which is when people in the room think what you’re playing sucks. If you drop into the Dubstep room and play your favorite ambient track, you stand a good chance of getting “Mehed”. Be sure to read the Room Info tab before embarking on any massive DJ sets.

If you want to use Plug to get your music discovered, you need to win the crowd over by playing some great established music, earning their respect and then dropping your track. Being too gratuitous with your own tracks can get you “Mehed” pretty fast. But going into rooms that are appropriate for your music and being a part of the community is a great way to get your music heard.

Some hints to Plug.DJ success in existing rooms:

  • Rooms - Stick with the room’s description. While music fans can have diverse tastes, if they’re in a room, they’re probably looking for specific content.
  • Lead - Listeners want fresh, new and adventurous, not obvious. Playing the most popular song of the genre or a well-known single from a heavy hitter may seem like a good way to win over other users, but remember, these are music nerds. They want fresh new music or hidden gems. Having a deep knowledge of your genre is very helpful. An under-appreciated record you feel is classic will usually go over way better than a worn-out anthem.
  • Mix It Up - It can be helpful to play an obscure track and then a crowd pleaser. Playing too many unknown tracks will bore your audience fast.
  • Chat – There’s a chat in the room and if you are fun and someone everyone likes the chances of getting “Mehed” are low.

Your Own Room

If you want to bond with fans, you can easily make your own room for them to join. When you create a room on Plug you can make it either public or private. If you make it public anyone, can stumble on it and join. If you want this room to be private for only your fans, it’ll be only available to those who have the URL link to the room. This means you can share it with fans via Twitter or Facebook and use it to bond with fans only.

Once you have this room and some fans in it, you can use it for a variety of things. You can let fans know what you have been listening to while chatting with them to give an inside look at your musical tastes. You can also drop in demos, unreleased tracks or rare tracks if you want to give listeners a treat. While fans can’t easily download these gems, they can still bootleg them and spread them across the Internet. If you’re going to drop unreleased songs you want to keep under lids, don’t give users a warning that you’re about to play something special. Consider giving the song an alias and wait to say what it really is after the song has finished playing.

Other Plug.DJ Ideas

Here are some other ideas for marketing your music on Plug.DJ:

  • Make a Fan-Club-Only Room - Premier a track in this private room and make your true fans feel appreciated.
  • Event - Plan a scheduled DJ appearance. If you’re going to be recording your album and know you’re done at 9 p.m. every night, tell your fans every Tuesday night you’ll be in this room hanging out.
  • Perspective - Get feedback on tracks you’re having problems with by playing them for a select jury. Plug is a great way to get feedback in real time from fans and friends.
  • Contests -You can do contests to give fans the chance to DJ in your room. If your room is popular this can be a great chance to gain some fan enthusiasm.
  • Popularity - When you make your Plug account, do it via your music’s Twitter handle. You can see a direct correlation in the amount of traffic it drives to twitter, and it’s a great way to increase your followers.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.