Blasko Presents: The Music Biz Quiz


Dear Readers,

This is the first post of a regular feature from smart music marketing mind Blasko, who you might know from his role as manager for Black Veil Brides, helping market Zakk Wylde or playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne. I hope you enjoy it – Jesse

Are you cut out for a career in the music biz? Honestly answer the following questions and find out…

1. Do you love writing, recording and performing music? YES / NO
2. Do you hate your day job? YES / NO
3. Are you willing to make sacrifices and take risks? YES / NO
4. Can you live on $10 a day? YES / NO
5. Do you think most bands suck? YES / NO
6. Are you typically a lucky person? YES / NO
7. Do you know what social networking is? YES / NO
8. Do you like to travel? YES / NO
9. In your opinion, are you great at what you do? YES / NO
10. Do you acknowledge that statistically you have little to no chance being a successful musician? YES / NO

If you answered:

YES on all 10 – Congrats! You will probably do well in the music biz.

YES on 5 or more – Not a total loss. Try and improve your answers to YES if you are truly serious.

YES on #6 – Well, anything’s possible. I would say good luck, but I guess you won’t need it.

Blasko has been a recording and touring musician since he was 16 years old. His credible career began with the seminal hardcore thrash band Cryptic Slaughter signed to Metal Blade Records in 1985. The band released 3 records for the label between 1986 and 1988. In time he eventually went on to become the bass player for such heavy metal heavy weights as Danzig, Rob Zombie and since 2003, Ozzy Osbourne. He co-founded the artist management and marketing company Mercenary Management, Inc in early 2005. He currently manages the career of Black Veil Brides and handles marketing for guitar icon Zakk Wylde.   You can find him on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.