Before We Go Patting The “DIY” Success Of Drake On The Back – Let’s Think

Via Hypebot:

“This just in from digital distributor TuneCore:
According to the iTunes Store’s trending data, Hip hop artist Drake has logged the two highest selling weeks ever for a DIY artist, totaling almost 300,000 song downloads in only two weeks fueled by the single “Best I Ever Had”.”

While I think this is an awesome rags to riches story let’s make something clear before we celebrate this victory. This was no a DIY success, this was more of the major label publicity game. The labels as they bid for Drake shot Billboard(show me three days they didn’t quote press releases about Drake in the past month) etc. with press releases non-stop in an effort to drum up more hype and show that they could create buzz for the artist. As awesome as it is that he was unsigned and gets to get a Indie share of those profits, it was not DIY. It was the same major label publicity machine and a Hip-Hop radio industry that actually does try to stay ahead of the curve on artists (which the rock world could learn a great deal from) and people following the lead of the press releases they recieve. This was done by the machine, it is great hope for the level of hype that can be drummed up for an artist, let’s just hope the next one is smart enough to turn his back on the broken machine and take the hype and run with it.

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