Be Nice To People – They Can Often Help Your Band

be_nice_or_leave.jpgNo one likes an ass kisser, but it’s important to be kind to people – especially those who can help your band.  Nothing gets you further in the music (or any other business for that matter) than making friends – it’s how you book shows, get fans, get signed or anything else.  If someone writes a blog post about your band, send them a thank you note or some free merch.  If someone leaves you an awesome endorsement on your Myspace comments, give them a shout out or just find a way to tell them know you appreciate them as well.  Fans and bloggers love to interact and connect with people who create the music that they love.  The more you show of yourself and the more friends you make, the more people are going to return favors for you.  But don’t just be nice to people who you think can do something for you – this behavior is always transparent in the end.  Instead be generous to everyone and people will be drawn to you and your music. Being nice is not only a simple common courtesy but it’s also good business.