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It never ceases to amaze me how many groups/labels sleep on the power of Podcasts. Labels like Mad Decent regularly put out quality hour long Podcasts that give fans something cool to bite into. Whether using them for radio like broadcasts or even sampler purposes a Podcast is another format for fans to inject your content. The other thing many people neglect that is that it is free to get your Podcast in the iTunes store. All you need to do is follow these instructions and your Podcast will be up in no time.

Every Band's Website Is A Failure

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Bruce Warila of The Music Think Tank has written a fantastic article about the potential for music acts to do more with their websites. He points out that while much of the web is developing most artist sites aren't taking full advantage of all that they can be doing. A great read and food for thought.
It makes me so happy when I am reading articles on other news sites and see bands doing something really smart. For example, the band I The Mighty decided to both sell and put up their debut EP in exchange for some sharing. As you can see in the above shot taken from their MySpace, they did the smart thing of giving away each track in exchange for a different method of sharing. A great way to get your fans to really spread the word and stay in touch with you. Very smart!

TuneCore Goes Chart Wild!

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We all know that gathering data has been one of the most important parts of making the new music industry thrive. We are now able to make smart, educated decisions about how to market our music and it looks like TuneCore just gave us a set of tools that are nothing short of amazing for understanding the music buying habits of the world at large. TuneCore is now putting up a series of charts that show the top sellers in their service that can be broken down into a few different criteria. Go check out their blog and learn tons of fantastic data and see the future of information in the new music industry.
BandCentral-logo2.jpgLast year, we told you about an exciting new management tool for bands called BandCentral. They have now launched their service and it seems to offer an amazing set of tools for bands looking to keep things organized. Here are some of their awesome features:

  • Communication - Keep all internal band communication clear, and in one place with an IM-style internal message board.  Replace those tedious multi-thread email discussions!
  • Band Calendar - Keep track of everything from gigs to holidays to recording sessions. Export to iCal/gCal/Outlook so you always know who's available.
  • Files - Upload, store & share your band's music, artwork, videos & contracts in one secure & easily accessible spot.
  • Gigs & Tours - Log all info, from venue essentials to load-in times & promoter details. Create and print setlists, guestlists, tour-books & day-sheets; post new events to social networks.
  • Band Money - At-a-glance and detailed info on all revenue and expenses. Log money in/out, costs to be split across the band, IOU's, pending payments and outstanding costs.
  • Social Network Syncing - Sync status updates & create events on MySpace, Twitter & Facebook directly from your BandHub. More social networks coming soon!
  • Merchandise - Track sales, stock-levels and pricing info. Crunch the numbers to identify best sellers.
  • Contacts - Keep track of your all important band contacts. Import contacts directly from your address book or email account.
  • Fans - Manage your fans and send city targeted HTML Emails & SMS. Collect fans from any webpage, directly into your BandHub fan database!
  • Music - Manage all admin relating to music production, single/ EP & Album releases; from master song files, lyrics & sales info to ISRC codes & distribution.
  • Tasks & To-Do lists - Keep track of the things you, or your band members need to do.  Create To-Do lists, set deadlines & SMS/Email alerts so you don't forget to do anything important!
  • Access Controls - Set access permissions for each hub member & allow selective access for third parties.
Check them out here.

MusikPitch - Get unique music created for your movie, video, product, or project! from MusikPitch on Vimeo.

For those of you who pride yourself on your ability to write a song for any occasion MusikPitch may have just opened up a wonderful world for you. People are now able to post what they need from a song whether it is for a jingle, film, TV or a video game. The buyers are able to post what they want from a song and provide songwriters with feedback and then the winner gets paid in the end. While some of their terms of service were a bit questionable, it seems they have sorted everything out. A great opportunity for songwriters to get noticed and make some extra cash!

Interesting to think what a browser with this kind of speed could do for the future of music. Could speed up the implementation of browser-based instruments and certainly something to check when designing your band's webpage and checking across platforms.  A browser with this kind of speed is going to get a lot more users very quickly.  And yes, we've tried it. It's fast. Very fast.

Mashable is reporting that YouTube has taken another step towards becoming more friendly to musicians making a living from their site. Users will now be able to charge rentals from their site and share in the profits from these rentals. Another great step in giving DIY artists the ability to make a living. More here.


One of the cool things I have been seeing lately is bands/promoters adapting to the fact that a lot of successful show promotion is done on the net. With that said, some smart people are taking advantage of this by making viral videos as show flyers in order to get the word about their shows out to fans. In the above (NSFW) video, The VAMP Group made a very cool video to promote a upcoming show for Musformation favs Brick and Mortar and Cymals Eat Guitars. The group has been doing lots of cool videos to promote other shows that you can see on their Vimeo channel. A fantastic promotional idea that everyone would be smart to embrace. 
Over the years I have made a lot of records with young artists and there is a common phrase you hear in the studio that is a flawed theory, "I need to get the first line of the song dead on since it is the first thing people hear." While first impressions in songs do matter, if you give a flawed performance for the rest of the song people are not going to care. The proper attitude would be to hold yourself to the standard you want for the first line of the song for the entire song. While it is hard work if you hold yourself to this standard you will make a far better recording and a performance you can be proud of.

We previously told you that CASH Music offers a free code to install a TweetForATrack software to spread the word about your music. If you are not a web geek doing anything involving code can be pretty intimidating, thankfully this video will show any lament how to get the job done so you can start getting the word out about your music to more people!

Weekend Watching - Golden Days

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Golden Days is a documentary on the group The Damnwells who signed to Epic records and did not have the best time. It shows the stupidity of the majors and that is probably not the route you want to go. It is available now on Netflix and for sale on Amazon.

Tim Ferriss On How To Deal With Haters

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If you achieve any type of success you will inevitably have to deal with haters. Yes people love to go on the net and just talk trash and as annoying as it is, it usually means you are doing something right. The always wise Tim Ferriss has some great advice on this subject that can help you "win" these altercations. Check it here.
pasta.jpgIn our newest interview series, Interview With A Blogger, Musformation attempts to get in the minds of music bloggers to find out what makes them tick, how they look at music and how artists and bloggers can better communicate.

Charm City (aka Baltimore) has long been known for it's thriving music scene and it's not suprising that it's supported by one amazing blog.  Pasta Primavera is a tour deforce of relevant music and is also run by one of the nicest in the biz, Laurent Hrybyk.  This week we sat down with Laurent and got an ear full on blogging, the local Baltimore scene and the Pasta Primavera perspective on the static music today. 
CD Baby has up a fantastic article on how to run a successful college radio campaign. One of the keys to many bands success can still be found in the buzz that a massive college radio campaign can bring to a band. Check it out here.
Seeing as the RIAA's major label buddies don't exactly have the cash coming in by the truckload anymore, they need to find some new sources of income. In this desperation they have turned towards traditional radio outlets and decided they now must pay the labels and performers (good news for us musicians!!!) performance royalties, despite the fact that they were traditionally considered promotional. While it is easy to frown on the RIAA for every step they make, radio has been looked at it in a new way in the modern era as streaming Internet services become the norm. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate how artists are paid in the medium. More at Consumerist.
Dropbox is a indispensable tool for any musician or recordist. Whether you use it to share files with collaborators or just store files in the cloud it is one of the coolest tools ever. Lifehacker has up a great article on some ways you can use the service that most people do not know. Check it out here and make life easier.

Dave Allen On The Music Business

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H&M Holding Battle Of The Bands Contest

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h&m.jpgClothing company H&M is holding a Battle Of The Bands contest this year.  The winning band that is chosen will play a live set at the H&M Fashion Against AIDS benefit in front of an audience of 500 people, press and VIP's.  It's free to enter and bands only need to submit a video of a live performance in order to be in the running.  Users can then rate different videos and the 10 top rated bands will be reviewed by an H&M jury who will pick a final winner.  The winning band also get round trip airfare and hotel accommodations to NYC, a $200 H&M Gift Card per band member plus some a custom H&M apparel package.  More on entering try here.    
Many artists enjoy the new opportunities fan funding sites can bring to them. Add SliceThePie to the list of sites out there that can help you get fans to finance your next project. The site takes on the role of giving fans money they can put towards artists they like in exchange for listening to new up and coming artists and reviewing their material. The site enables feedback for artists as well as the ability to get investors. Another great option for groups looking to get empowered through fan dollars.

The above video shows Spotify's powerful new sharing tool that will help fans show what they are liking (and not show what they are ashamed of or disliking) as they listen to the service. If you have not gotten you music on Spotify, ReverbNation recently unveiled a cheap way to get it there. Do it so you are ready for the near future when they launch in America.
If you are a musician not only do you need to edit audio, but odds are you are going to need to do some graphic work as well. Thankfully the website Aviary allows you to edit both in a free online interface. Check out their details in the above video and see what they can do for you.
Play:MPE is a service designed to put record company minds at ease in preventing leaks while allowing writers to listen to streams of records, was hacked last week causing a few high profile releases to leak. Unfortunately, a hacker got into their system and decided to brag and release a few releases to the world which has now compromised the service's reputation. Play:MPE claims to have the hacker's identity and are looking to prosecute the offender, though it seems the service's integrity is forever tainted by this event. Another nail in the coffin of ever being able to keep a record from leaking. More on the story here.
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It is no secret that online radio is one of the best ways to promote your music. With services like Pandora, Last.FM, Jango, Blip.FM and other services not only can you get your music before the ears of listeners who like the type of music you make, but you can also get paid for your plays as you begin to dominate the online radio airwaves.

It all comes down to this. As you come down to entering the studio and then recording your songs you are now tasked with one of the most difficult balancing acts ever known to man (ok... well maybe to musicians). We have written countless articles on how to avoid many of the pitfalls many musicians fall into when they go to capture their material. Read on and make something great for us all to hear.

With everyday, as the gatekeepers die and the major labels lose power it becomes more and more about just having a great song. This being the case you better start brushing up on your skills! We have assembled a lot of advice and tools for you to use to write better songs on the other side of this link.

When trying to break your music out of your circle of friends and out to the whole world, you are inevitably going to have to take on the hat of doing some publicity for your own music. As you begin to take on this large task there is numerous bits of advice that you may have overlooked on how to do this effectively. We have assembled numerous articles on how to take over the world of music and get it out there.

Now that you actually have songs recorded you need to get them out to the world to be heard. With every day that passes more and more amazing tools become available for artists to do this without the help of a label. We keep an up to date guide of everything you could ever want to know about what you should do in order to make the right choice on how to get your music out to the world.

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, YouTube all become more and more important everyday (well maybe not Myspace, but contrary to much chatter it is still important to know the most up to date ways to make Myspace feed your other pages). We keep musicians up to date with the most current ways to use all of these social networks to promote your music. If you are not reading our guides to social networks you are missing out on the crucial knowledge of how to promote your music with the most up to date techniques.

What separates the winners and losers is how well you handle playing live and then getting your show on the road. Playing live and touring may seem easy but there are countless pitfalls that one can encounted over time. We show you all the new tricks of the trade as well as wise advice that has been passed down over the years.

Managing a group of people and keeping everyone on the same page and motivated is one of the biggest make or break factors of any sucessful group. There are many emerging tools that can make this easier and we sort through them, all the while dispensing valuable advice on how to deal with your members with minimal chaos.

Getting covered by blogs is fast becoming one of the things that everyone wants to figure out. Sadly, there is not a lot of information out there on how to do just this. We have quite a few articles with the techniques we use to get the bands we work with on to some of the top blogs out there.