Band Tips: Write A Tour Diary


Year ago, when I discovered Get In The Van I don’t think I slept for two nights straight.  I  must have read that book front to cover twice in a row.  Henry Rollins’ book is an amazing account of triumphs and failures from a real band on the road and it  solidified my dream of playing in a band and touring as much as possible.  Tour diaries are a great way to keep fans connected with what’s going on with your band while giving them entertaining stories that not only allow them to live vicariously through your adventures, but also to get to know you on a personal level and draw them closer to who you are as a group.  These days it’s easy to tweet some nonsense like: “ATL rox! GR8T show – luv U guys.  K. Thnx. Bi!”.  While some people might follow this garbage, most people let it roll on past their feed.  Taking the time to tell a story and relay your thoughts of traveling to different places can really get people interested and give them a reason to come back to your website/myspace page.   Granted, the average fan isn’t going to care what happened that night after the show in Boise or that you caught a couple of winos breaking into your van outside a Waffle House in Topeka, but for diehard fans, this could be a real way to connect.  With the expedience of blogs or Myspace it’s easy to do, even on the road.  Then use you can use Facebook or Twitter updates to let people know where to find the juicy stories.