Awesome Idea: The Intimate Acoustic Tour

4178YV0K8VL_AA240_-2.jpgOne of the great things about touring is meeting other bands and seeing how they do things. There’s a lot of sameness and a whole lot of uninspired promoting going on, but every once in a while you come across an idea that’s simply brilliant. That happened to me the other night in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the pop-punk band The Hand Me Down Kids.

Being a young pop-punk band, they’re going after the all-ages crowd.
Being smart, they know all-ages clubs can be hard to book, especially
for first-time touring bands, and also that first-time touring means
you’ll probably be playing for no one quite a bit. Being vey smart,
they reached out to their Internet masses and asked kids if they would
be willing to host a small private acoustic show at their home in
exchange for accommodations and a modest $100 guarantee. They booked
the whole tour this way, had a blast and played for their biggest fans
and all their friends. They also told me they ate well, which
automatically makes a tour a success.
Obviously, this won’t
work for everybody: not every band’s music translates well
acoustically, and it’s kind of creepy to think of a bunch of older
dudes hitting up kids to come play at their house. But you have to give
The Hand Me Down Kids for putting (and pulling off) an interesting
twist on the DIY way of touring.

Zaremba is the guitar player, tour manager and booking agent for Say
, a rock band from Boston that has been touring the country
independently for two years. He can be reached here.