Stevie Wonders “Superstitious” Clavinet Part Demystified

The one undoubtedly awesome thing about Torrents is all of the Multi-Track sessions that are getting leaked on the web. This enables everyone to see some of the techniques the masters used and just how good they really were. One of the most impressive ones I have seen is the leak of some Stevie Wonder tracks. Here this YouTuber shows the insane complexity of the Clavinet track in “Superstitious”, as well as some of the drum and vocal tricks. Enjoy! 

Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Installs Pro Tools System

Electrical audio.jpg

Esteemed Audio Engineer and Analog-To-The-Death hold out Steve Albini has finally given in to the changing times and installed a Pro Tools system into his studio, Electrical Audio. Opting to go for a Pro Tools TDM system with 16-Bit Convertors for a more vintage sound rather then the modern crystal clear HD system. The news has been quite a shock to many in the recording world who never thought they would see this day! For more details and photographic proof head to the jump.


Duh!F!onomics: How It All Started


As we all know, the death of print is upon us! The paperĀ Seattle Weekly decided one way to help stay afloat would be hiring some
celebrity bloggers. Not the worst idea, though they did get the result many
would expect: a musician is better heard then read. One hire has caught my eye, ex-Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan. During Duff’s brief time at
this paper he has managed to prove that he is little more than your stereotypical aged rockstar. The part he has cast himself is the reformed rocker who has gotten sober and
discovered the joys of rock climbing. In his blog attempts to expose the rest
of the world, who experienced all of this years before “The Botox Years(AKA Velvet Revolvers formation)” as if they are some mind blowing revelations no
one has ever experienced before. The poor, little, punk rock Irish man doesn’t
understand most people tried out things like sobriety and exercise while he was
busy getting drunk, doing ludes with Pauly Shore and playing in really
intellectual bands like The Fartz.