How To Negotiate a 360 Deal

Somewhere in the industry bizarre, companies felt it necessary to toss around 360 deals like some sort of trade commodity.  Labels are no longer to blame for these harsh, and allegedly “non-negotiable” agreements, as somehow publishers, agents, attorneys and managers insist their expertise have risen to 360 status.  Well I hate to call bluff but 360 deals are negotiated everyday in many ways.  Stick with the basics and avoid a bloody deal with the devil.


Want to Screw Over a Label? Own a Trademark.

A recording artist’s best weapon is their intellectual property rights.  Many assume this pertains solely to copyrights but in actuality it refers: copyrights, right of publicity and trademarks.  Trademarks are lethal in negotiations and in today’s market of 360 deals using your trademark as leverage is essential.  You MUST own a registered trademark, and if you do, you can own the label as opposed to a label owning you.

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Legal Red-tape Concerning Concert Poster

42556.jpgOne of the fastest growing revenue streams for bands is by unloading a backlog of concert posters.  Many groups are banking more with effective poster designs as opposed to selling music.  However, concert poster designs are packed full of legal red-tape, where bands may find themselves getting taken to the cleaners instead of receiving a bag full of cash.

Read about the issues, as introduced through legal analyst Martin F Frascogna

5 Tricks To A Compelling EPK

Birthday-Gift.jpgCall them tips, tricks, or a gift from God these strategies can help keep a band on the review short list with prospected labels, managers, attorneys, or agents.  EPK’s represent the first wave of information, a much needed opportunity of an in your face review.  Communicate the wrong way and your EPK goes to the trash.  Communicate appropriately, and you live any other day.  Learn the survival tricks HERE  

Music Globalization – What is it and why you need it to survive?

Guinness-Rishi.jpgShort of having several country flags tattooed on your face, what does music globalization mean?  People think they know but rarely do they practice the techniques.  People claim they practice the techniques but yet they can’t grow their fan base.  It’s time to be an international recording artist, and do fully obtain this title you have to do more than have an iTunes and CDBaby account which can be accessed by other countries.  So what is music globalization and how can you achieve it,