Defining “Industry Standard”

The phrase “Industry Standard” has no meaning.  It’s mirage, a diversion to throw bands off their game.  The words have become so overused in all aspects of the music industry that people now take “industry standard” at face value.  At it’s core, the phrase exist to manipulate bands.  However, bands aren’t the only group taken advantage by the phrase, producers hear it from labels, agents hear it from managers, managers hear it from attorneys, and so forth.  It’s truly the evil cycle.  Here’s 3 ways to dismantle someone when they drop the term:  HERE

Tap Into The Brazilian Market

br-lgflagSimply based upon economics and demographics, Brazil is set to explode like no other country on the globe.  With a population of 196 million and the 6th largest world economy, Brazil will see an added economic injection within the next 4 four years.  In 2014 Brazil takes the grand stage as host of the FIFA World Cup.   In 2016, over 10,000 athletes from 193 countries will grace Brazilian soil during Olympics.  These two events alone are estimated to boost Brazilian tourism beyond 165 million visitors within 3 years and generate unprecedented economic impact on tourism, not to mention added media attention.  Here’s what you need to know to capture the Brazilian market. HERE

5 Tips To Develop An International Fanbase

International expansion can be a financial black-hole for bands.  Questions like: How do we acquire new fans, how do we afford it, or how do we get gigs, present viable obstacles rather than solutions.  Unfortunately, many don’t realize it’s easier for indie level bands  to expand into international territories as opposed to major acts.  Use these 5 tips to help bridge the international gap and build an international fanbase.


Why Give Away “Universal” Rights?

Is it realistic to negotiate territorial rights in music contacts?  Seeing almost all agreements contain language granting “universal rights” it appears stripping the territory down to specific regions is an unrealistic request.  To the contrary, there’s a time and a place to allow universal control.  Don’t be an idiot and give it away.  Learn when, where, and how to use universal rights - HERE

The Anti-360 Deal

In an industry cluttered with shit deals, it often seems like the only conceivable route for musicians to make money and retainer ownership is with DIY strategies.  Wrong.  The ugly 360 Deals offered by labels (now referred to as “the norm”) have become steamrolled by unlikely, yet successful, new players in the industry offering the exact opposite of a shit deal – the anti-360 deal.  What do these deals look like – READ HERE 

Beastie Boys & Band Agreements

Last month sucked for The Beastie Boys.  Adam’s passing and an untimely copyright lawsuit doesn’t make the ideal May.  Did anything positive emerge from this pile of sh**?  Yes – make CERTAIN to have a Band Agreement.  The entire Beastie Boys mountain of mess hinges upon their contractual language.  LEARN MORE