BandPosters Will Print And Mail Your Gig Posters To Venues/Streeteamers

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.48.48 PMOne of the easiest ways you can get free advertising, increase show turn out and get potential fans familiar with your name is to send flyers to every venue you are going to play as well as fans in far away tons to hang up wherever your fans may hang out. For years this has been a long, time-consuming process where you print, stuff, address and mail these posters wherever you’re playing. BandPosters is a service that can help make this way easier. Now you can simply upload your poster to their server and pay $15 for 5 flyers mailed to the venue you are playing or your streeteamers.

To Facebook Message Spam Or Not To Facebook Message Spam

1378602_610905745627123_220113826_nWe’ve often discussed that you can spend your time more wisely than writing potential fans spammy Facebook messages, but an interaction I had this week got me thinking. Over on the Defend Pop Punk group on Facebook a user posted a picture of some spam from a group he received and countless other users talked about how they feel about being spammed by bands. To my surprise many of them didn’t mind being spammed as long as the circumstances were right. If you want to see how genuine music fans feel about this practice, this thread is an enlightening read.

How Can We Help 9/24/13

Wanna get your DIY music promotions questions answered and promote your music? Do you have questions about promoting your music or building a fanbase? Leave it in the comments and we promise to get back to you or even write a post featuring you that answers your question. If we think your question would benefit our readers we’ll post a YouTube video of your song on top of a post that answers your question. No matter what, you will get an answer this week as long as you leave an email address (so we can let you know when we answer your question) and a YouTube URL for your video. All we ask in return is that if we answer your question, please help us spread the word about our book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business.

Feedspot Is A Google Reader/Google Alerts Replacement

nav-logo-bg-squareEver since Google Reader was killed off by Google and Google Alerts started missing most of your mentions online, there’s been a void in my life where I looked forward to seeing the mentions of my self and the groups I work with in my RSS reader. Since then I have used services like Mention to fill this void, but it costs a lot of money every month to have any more than 3 search terms, despite the fact that is extremely thorough.  In steps, Feedspot, which in its free model exists as a RSS reader but for around $24 a year you can get mention alerts in your RSS reader, just like you did with Google Alerts. An affordable way to keep track of who is mentioning you and other targets online.

The Power Of The Objective Perspective


The objective perspective is the idea of getting an unbiased perspective from someone who isn’t as close to your situation as you are. The objective perspective has many uses in music. We’ve all had problems with our significant others–if you go talk to a friend about it, you might gain a newfound sense of clarity on the situation. Even if they just reaffirm what you already think, sometimes you just need to hear from someone else. The same goes with your music: You may have gotten so deep into a project and worked so hard on it that you’ve become insensitive to the finer details.


Superstring Is Easy To Use Software To Help You Make Lyric Videos

Lyric videos not only entertain your fans, but they also show them your lyrical message and help fans to be able to sing along at shows. But making them isn’t easy for those who don’t want to take tons of time to learn video editing software. In steps Superstring, a program designed to help you easily make lyric videos for your songs. In the above video you can see the interface is easy to understand and customise to your songs. Other features include:

• Select a song that you want to create a lyric video
• Automatically find lyrics from ID3 tags
• Drag and drop lyrics as you want them to appear
• Align the timing of lyrics by dragging
• Customize styles, colors, and more
• Enjoy and share your own lyric video

The software goes for $30 and is available in the Mac App store or on PC through their website.