Singing Along With A Keyboard In The Studio – Just Like Jack White

I have always wondered why Jack White was so off-key live, yet capable of hitting all his notes on each record “without the help of computers.” Above is a video of the White Stripes recording a track from Icky Thump called “Im Slowly Turning Into You” which may shed some light on my queries. It features Jack singing the main melody along with an organ. Singing along with a piano/synth/organ is an extremely useful trick for some singers, and I highly suggest trying it out if nailing notes in the studio has ever been stressful for you.

Its Like A Minotaur With Strings! The Guitorgan That You Will Be Hearing On The Dead Weather Record

After listening to the new Dead Weather album and reading about the
use of a Guitorgan on it, I was fairly sure that it was just a
mythical instrument on par with a unicorn or some of the animals I
saw on Monster Quest last night. But, because the concept wouldn’t leave
my head, I decided to check Wikipedia and my mind was subsequently
blown. The Guitorgan is very real! The description on Wikipedia reads:

“A Guitorgan is an electric guitar with electronic organ components added. Each guitar fret is separated into six segments, creating independent contact switches for each string. The organ notes
are keyed when a string touches a specific segment. An expression pedal
is used to fade the organ sound in and out, while the guitar can be
played at the same time.”

HOLY DAMN! The possibilities must be endless with this thing! I feel as
if I was just told that Star Wars is non-fiction. Anyway, Teisco Del Rey is a player of this hybrid beast (see above video) and for more information on the guts of this thing, or how to convert your own guitar into one head to the all knowing Wikipedia.


Sampling Vs. Reinterpreting


Sampling is frowned upon by many a musician. Many people are quite glad to see the days of P. Diddy‘s plagarising songs all over the radio gone. However one trick that is often mocked and underestimated is the simple reintrepretation or recontextualisation of a part being added to your latest track. After the jump we will go over a few techniques and explore this idea more deeply.