ASCAP Are The New RIAA – Demanding Royalties From Bloggers Who Post YouTubes


Oh boy! Recently we told you about the poorly thought out idea ASCAP had to retrieve royalties every time Ringtones play. Derrrr… Obviously ASCAP’s members want to see some revenue and unfortunately all they can come up with to bring it in is some really bad ideas. Their newest one is to go after bloggers who are embedding YouTube videos on their blogs in order to help promote their artists.

We take particular offense to this since Musformation regularly posts videos to help promote music we think would be of interest to our audience. We understand if ASCAP goes after the many sites that are leaking artist’s music with the intent of making a name or a few bucks off constantly upping songs that the artists haven’t authorized their leaking. But, when they go after sites like Mahallo who are aggregating music to help promote and provide discussion on the Internet, our ears shoot out steam and we wonder who is going to hand these clowns a copy of Appetetie For Self Destruction?

If ASCAP wants to go after bloggers who are embedding videos (that their artists have enabled for embed I might add) to help promote them and discuss their music I will be happy to lead the revolt and fight against whatever pinhead is running that show. If they want their artists to have the unfair advantage of no longer being aggregated to users on the net, I am sure the blogging community will be happy to boycott them. This will surely lead to even more revenue lost than they can gain from this stupid idea. Their statement (after the jump) implies that they will not be going after personal blogs with no ads, but it seems like any monetized site may be in their sights as targets. Where is the keyboard cat for an embed when you need him? Oh he is after the jump too! I sure hope he isn’t registered with ASCAP!

More at Gawker.
ASCAP says -

“ASCAP does not offer licenses to – or require licenses from – those who
simply make their personal blogs available on purely noncommercial Web
sites. is a larger venture than simply a personal blog, and
therefore ASCAP is engaged in discussions with Mr. Calacanis concerning
the use of ASCAP members’ music on the site.”

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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