The Details On Arcade Fire’s To Vinyl First Mastering Process

arcade_fire_suburbs.jpgAhhhh the sound of vinyl. While many will often discuss little audio subtleties that barely anyone can hear, the warm crackle of a vinyl record is a sound most people can hear and fall easily in love with. For Arcade Fire’s newest record they decided to make sure everyone got to hear this sound and cut a 12″ Lacquer of every song on their current record and then recorded that back into the mastering computer to release it for the digital versions of their record.

One question you may be asking is why did they cut an individual 12″ for each song. The answer is that the more music you put on vinyl the lower the quality. The sound of the record actually changes the closer the record gets to the center of the record. By cutting a lacquer for every song on the record it ensures the highest quality and enables the group to get optimal audio quality and character for their record. Pretty cool!

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