Apple Announces Huge Logic Studio Update

logic_studio.jpgIn an announcement everyone knew was coming soon, Apple has finally confirmed there will be a Logic Studio upgrade.  The new package will consist of Logic Pro 9, Mainstage 2 and Soundtrack Pro 3.  In addition there are now 40 software instruments, 80 effects plugins and just over 1700 instrument samples in addition to the 20,000 Apple Loops.  Apple’s Logic has been making dramatic changes the past few years, one of the reasons for its exponential growth and respect in the industry and after seeing the announcement, it appears they may have done it again.  There are literally HUNDREDS of awesome new features.  One that sticks out is the Flex Editing tool which allows you to seamlessly manipulate audio data on the fly (like moving a vocal in time without slicing everything up).  This would be perfect for correcting doubled vocals that are a little off.  You can literally experiment manipulating the entire phrasing of a vocal while still sounding natural.  The new Varispeed feature allows you to slow the song down without changing the pitch so you can nail that challenging guitar solo.  Can’t say enough about how excited we are to see some of these features in action.  We could go on and on but Apple’s videos on the new Logic do a much better job.