API Unveiling 527 Compressor


It looks like API have taken the compressor from their 2500 and made it a 500 series! Should be another cool thing to take a look at during AES this week. Todd and I will be there this weekend so say hello! Here is the press release.

“API Releases the 527 Compressor.

API is pleased to announce the introduction of the 527 compressor, a
single channel module based on API’s 225L discreet channel compressor.
The 527 features comprehensive controls including variable attack,
release, ratio, and output gain controls. The unit also includes API’s
patented ‘Thrust’ circuit, first offered on the 2500 Stereo Bus
Compressor. A 10 segment LED meter is switchable between gain reduction
and output level.

“Anyone who has used the 225L compressor found in API consoles has
expressed a longing for the same kind of flexibility and control in the
500 Series for some time” said Larry Droppa, President of API. “We’re
delighted to now offer the 527 to complement our vintage 525
compressor, which has been many engineers’ favorite compressor over the

The API 527 makes its debut at the 127th AES show in New York, October 9-12, at its introductory price of $995.00.

Automated Processes, Inc. remains the leader in analog recording gear,
with the Vision, Legacy Series and 1608 Recording Consoles, as well as
the classic line of modular signal processing equipment.
HYPERLINK “http://www.apiaudio.com” API Audio Products

API, delighted to offer the 527 compressor”

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