Anatomy Of A Strategy: How the Bed Intruder Song Made It To The Billboard Top 100 Chart

you one of the 20 million people who have heard “The Bed Intruder
Song”? If not click on the above video and provided you are not an
uptight nerd you are about to hear one of the funniest memes of the
year. What is even funnier is this YouTube phenomenon has now charted on
the Billboard Hot 100, but the ideas and tactics they used there
are quite serious and smart. Follow me to the jump and we will dissect
what got them there.

The Website

Their web site is a great example of giving fans exactly what they
want: news about the amazing Antoine Dodson. A simple WordPress blog
based off their 2010 them is employed that makes it easy to update fans
with who is covering the song and what is going on with Antoine.
YouTubes videos of the song, original video and cover versions are
posted in the timeline, while links to buy on iTunes are pasted
throughout, including at the very top of the page so that those who are
enthused towards the song first get the option to buy the song rather
than them simply streaming the video. The creator of the site was unable
to get, so they opted for .net, but despite this fact they still come up top in a Google search by being a
relevant to their topic and consistently posting news on the subject.

The YouTube

The phenomenon of the song is very much based around the YouTube video for
the song. The first second of the video establishes a movement by
pasting YouTube comments of fans who say they want the song to go up the
iTunes charts to support something they enjoy so much. It shows new
potential fans that this song is something to be a part of. The videos
creators are not sly about their intent. They do not beg (very important)
they suggest you go to iTunes and buy the song to support the people
who are about to make you laugh. In doing so they also keep it
lighthearted and make a joke about how the profits will also go to Apple
- a very smart endeavor.

the pre-song suggestion to buy on iTunes is done, there are annotations
making the same suggestion to get it to #1 on the charts and links to
buy it on iTunes which makes it easier for fans to do. If you are
watching the song on YouTube, in the description box below the video the
first thing you see is a link to buy the song on iTunes as well. At the
end of the video they are smart enough to make one last quick suggestion
to buy it at iTunes (still keeping it fun by singing it through Auto-Tune
to the beat of the song) in addition to making sure there are links to
subscribe to their YouTube channels as well (this way when they make
another amazing video their fans will know). The YouTube subscribe was
very important to the fast success since The Gregory Brothers (the
creators of this version) are famous for their Auto-Tune The News series
which has gone viral many times and been featured everywhere. This
enabled fans of that phenomenon to hear about this video fast.  They
also suggest making covers of the song to keep the buzz going around the
net about their music.


All in all this strategy yielded them success and set them up to be even
more successful the next time they put out a similar video (which we are
sure they will). One of the keys to this video is the ever present
ingredient – it was really well done. The Gregory Brothers found a great
phenomenon and made a very creative and funny (to those who still find
the joke of Auto-Tune funny) video. They used great language and
strategy on top of a great to make the most of their opportunity.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.