Album Commentary Tracks Are All The Rage

Fans always love the stories behind songs, especially if they are good ones told with the musicians own voice. One thing we have been seeing a lot of lately is album commentary tracks on streaming sites like Rdio and Spotify. These can easily be recorded speaking into a microphone in Garageband and sent to a blog to get a feature, embeded in your stream (like the above) or traded for email addresses/tweets to raise awareness of your group. No matter what album commentary is definitely something many artists will be using as added content to get fans a deeper look into their being.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Devin Lyttle

    I’m always curious to see how these new monetization efforts will play out in the end. As intrusive as it might seem, I personally feel like any means of giving your fanbase a voyeuristic look into the creative process, or simply a glimpse into the artist’s life, is a great selling point for fans; although, I’d argue that this concept of adding commentary—much like the supplemental DVDs that no one ever watches—could be expanded upon and delivered to the listener in a way that’s not quite as disruptive to the user experience. This definitely sparked some ideas though, so you’ll have to keep eye on (shameless plug) to track its implementation.

  • Eric

    There are some fantastic radio programs that are using this concept to make their shows available on Spotify & MOG. It’s a great way to discover new artists and then delve deep into their catalog. My favorite is WBEZ’s Radio M, which is distributed through