The Music Industry is a new frontier. Some months ago it may not have been wise for an artist to go at it their own way without a label. Not the case anymore.

Musformation was established to be a guide to everything a modern musician and music industry person needs to know. While many sites bring you music news about the industry and it’s changes, we bring you news with analysis faster than the other sites. From distributing music to recording yourself, to improving your live show and being your own publicist, to learning how to manage other bands and be your own label to hitting a snare drum better we cover it everyday. Praised for their original content and receiving the consistent compliment from industry veterans that we publish new content that is fresh and challenging to the old dead ideas. Everyday we challenge the conventional wisdom and give you a new outlook, that is confrontational to the old broken ways of last year. There is something for everyone in the industry to learn every day on Musformation.

The site has taken on both blog and “eBook” form in that it is updated nearly 20 times a day and has a sorted table of contents so bands can use it as a reference and a newsfeed to keep up with the times. Publishing extensive guides on marketing, recording, distributing, songwriting etc. all sorted in a neat format so that you can find the info you need easily.

Formed by Jesse Cannon (producer/engineer with credits that include The Cure, The Misfits, Animal Collective and Say Anything) and Todd Thomas (Brooklyn-based musician and former online marketing guru) are attempting to implement some very modern ideas into an industry that has been very reticent to change it’s often outdated ways. Focusing on the presentation of organization information on news, gear, marketing, the Industry, and recording techniques, the site offers the kind of insider knowledge the modern musician needs to know in order to be successful (with or without the help of the Industry).

Implementing a crowd-sourcing ethos, Musformation encourages a true sense of independent community by accepting (even encouraging) reader submissions and promoting genuine discourse through comments on articles; Band members and Industry figures regularly share their insights, tips, and opinions on the site and hash out their perspectives on new ideas and relevant music news.  With this structure, the site regularly corrects and fact-checks the propaganda and misinformation that is sometimes sent throughout the Industry and encourages independent thought for it’s readership.