A Summary Of The Music Industry’s State From NARM


Yep, it’s that time! NARM has released their annual report in conjunction with Nielsen and Soundscan on the state of the music industry. Some of the interesting tidbits include:

“Digital music is now 40% of the total music purchases compared to just
8% in 2005. It is projected that it will hit 50% by the end of 2010.

Between 2006 and 2008, rap music had the biggest drop in album sales,
dropping 44% with country down 36% and R&B down 34%. On the other
end of the scale, rock and hard rock are only down 18%.

Through the first five months of this year, rock and
alternative vinyl album sales have led the way, growing between 60% and
70% from last year. The real genre gains, percentage wise, has been in
country and gospel where sales are up 200% from a year ago.”

For a more detailed summary go here or download a full PDF of the report here.

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