5 Things Rock Groups Can Learn From Dance Groups

1. Releases More Singles, Fewer Albums - Listen, I know all your favorite bands put out LPs that are your favorite things on earth, but before you can become everyone’s favorite band, you need to find your sound and get people talking, so people enjoy it and hear about it. Every time you release a song, you give fans, blogs and your friends a reason to talk about the new thing you are doing. This helps you get more fans and important people paying attention to you. If you watch the musicians who get blogged about on The Hype Machine, most of them are pumping out a new track every 30-60 days. Stay in the new cycle and you’ll be talk about all the time as well.

2. Don’t Rush Into Releasing A Record – Like I said, all of your favorite bands put out LPs and you love them, but you may not be ready for this. Finding your sound and building up a following before pounding the world over the head with a LP can really help you to grow enough as a group to be ready to make such a large statement. Take the dance group, Classixx who are receiving boatloads of praise for their debut album. They’ve pumped out tracks regularly for years and slowly found a sound that suited them for a full length. They waited and now that they made a great, cohesive record the whole scene is talking about them. This doesn’t happen when you rush out a jumbled record that is all over the place. Take your time and release some singles or EPs and find yourself.

3. Make Your Live Shows Exciting With A Visual Element – Nearly every dance act–big or small–projects videos or power point presentations behind their live set. Many attribute to this dance acts being not much to look at, seeing as pushing buttons a laptop isn’t the most exciting thing anyone’s seen. But is strumming a guitar that much more exciting, when everyone has seen it 0983209382 times before? The fact is, one of the reasons dance acts pack in so many people these days, is they give fans the choice to move to the music or watch casually and still be entertained. Doing this can not only intensify your live sets but make those inclined to go for a drink during your set to stick around and become a fan.

4. Doing A New Spin On A Song Is Basically A Remix - We all know tons of dance acts get a ton of exposure from doing remixes. Tons of rock groups also get tons of exposure from doing covers. But why not combine the two? Get stems that artists provide of their song and put your own slant on it, using your sound and some elements of the original. Remix stems are everywhere today, use them to do something new and interesting with a song instead of the overdone dubstep version.

5. SoundCloud Groups Are The Best Place For Musicians To Socialise On The Internet – When it comes to finding writers, DJs and like-minded people in the dance scene there is no better place than SoundCloud groups. But rock bands just don’t seem to embrace this as much as they should. Start your own or joining those that are starting up. Now is the time to make great connections get exposure for your scene in these groups.


Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.