10 Questions With Twilight City Fracture

Twilight City Fracture are an awesome indie-prog band that is catching a lot of ears with their unique sound. Just hit play on the YouTube above and you will hear a band that is not your usual band messing around with guitar, bass and drums. As the band starts to get a buzz we sent them over 10 questions for your entertainment.

1. What is the biggest mistake your group ever made?

a junk bus that resulted in thousands of dollars worth of fines and
only lasted us two and a half shows before ending up dead and smoking
on the side of the Turnpike.

2. What is the smartest thing your group has ever done?

smartest thing we’ve ever done is not record a cheap demo. In order for
other people to take us seriously, we have to take ourselves seriously,
and putting out a less than perfect recording doesn’t support that
goal. We spend months writing these songs, and want them to sound the
best they can. That’s the only way that people will appreciate them.

3. What advice can you give for a group looking to improve their live show?

Do whatever you think will create the type of atmosphere that you are
trying to convey through the music. Go in with the intent to make it
impossible for the next act to outdo your set. Also, be true to
yourself. If you’re pretending to be something else, the crowd will see

4. What advice can you give for a group to build up a buzz?

smart. Know who your audience is. Don’t send everyone on Myspace a
friend request, because that’s not advertising, it’s spam, and that’s

Also, promote every show you play like it’s the
biggest show you are ever going to play. If you keep putting your name
out there, people will start to recognize it and think “Hey I’ve heard
of them. They must be good.” Find your niche and explore it as far as
you can go. There’s no such thing as too immersive. That’s how you
connect to people on a more intimate level.

5. What is the coolest piece of gear you have come across recently?

Free Strat? Does that count? Anything that’s free is amazing.

6. What is something you should bring on tour that most people may not think of?

Bottles of water. For some reason, you always wake up in the morning really, really dehydrated…

7. Tell us something you learned from your last recording experience?

Suspend judgment until the end. Don’t get stressed out if the first
rough mix you hear doesn’t sound the way that you imagined it. Each of
us went in with a different idea about how the record would sound, and
just started scrutinizing everything we could. In the end, we loved it,
and all of that stress was pointless. Just keep ideas flowing and good
lines of communication with your producer, and you’ll get the record
you want.

8. What is a piece of equipment you can’t live without? And Why?

Mat’s Dr. Z. We used that amp on pretty much all of the guitar tracks
on the new recording. The tone from that amp is heavenly. Oh and delay
pedals. We love anything to do with delay.

9. What is the dumbest thing you see other groups do?

Not break down enough.

seriously, the list is too long. There are so many clichés about being
in a band that are perpetuated as being cool but are really just lame
and unoriginal.

10. What have you learned songwriting wise recently?

Finding a balance between crafting the perfect song, and having
fun is something that is an ongoing learning process. Because way this
band writes and our personalities, it’s very easy for us to wander down
that path and just start tearing songs apart until there’s nothing
left. We’re a bit of perfectionists you might say. But we also don’t
want to write 20 songs for an album and eliminate 10, and end up with a
10 song mediocre album. There are too many bands doing that.

Jay is relatively new to being a lead vocalist. Originally, he only
played guitar in the band. So he has been working really hard to make
that transition. Besides all of the practice needed to sing properly,
he has had to learn how to capture what’s going on in his soul, and
bring that to life. So it has especially been a learning process for

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.