10 Questions With The Walk Ons

Brooklyn’s The Walk Ons have been turning out great power pop ala Elvis Costello, Bloc Party and Paul Westerberg for the past few years. They released their new EP We Did this On Purpose today on Drug Front Records. The record has some kick ass pop songs and you should definitely give the stream a listen

What is the biggest mistake your group ever made?

Starting a band.  That shit will ruin your
life.  Kids, if you’re reading this, don’t end up like us! Go start a
sustainable farm, or get into wind harvesting. Something that has a fucking

What is the smartest thing your group has ever done?

Finding a rehearsal studio next to a bar with two
pinball machines!  Of course it’s important to put the time into playing
and writing songs, but never underestimate the value of having a great place
for “band meetings” close by. For that matter, never overestimate the ability of
your bandmates to show up for rehearsal on time.

 What is something you should bring on tour that most people
may not think of?

An old-school, printed-on-paper road atlas. 
GPS systems freak out and fail, and then you find yourselves lost as
fuck on Brown’s Farm Road, somewhere outside of Lamar, Pennsylvania. 

Tell us something you learned from your last recording

Try everything.  Every single idea.  Even
the glaringly bad ones.  Some of our favorite bells and whistles on We
Did This On Purpose
were ideas that some of us absolutely hated
when we were in the studio.  Things have a way of growing on you
with a little bit of time and distance.  And–if you decide a particular track
sucks in the end–it’s
always easy to cut something you don’t want. 

What is a piece of equipment you can’t live without? And

A metronome. Not because we’re particularly
awful at keeping time, but it pretty quickly makes clear where you’ve been slowing
down and speeding up in a song. It happens–sometimes you hit the chorus,
everyone gets excited and off you go…

What is the dumbest thing you see other groups do?

Book us as opening act. Which could be taken two ways, we

What is the biggest mistake you see a band do in recording?

Not having someone around, be it a producer, manager
or opinioned friend, who can give them an honest critical perspective on the
music they’re making. Not only because few people really relish being the one in
the band who says someone else’s part sucks, but sometimes the insight just
isn’t there for musicians who have been totally immersed in a song for so long.
A fresh perspective can work wonders.

How did you ago about choosing the producer/recording studio
for your latest release?

We’ve been working with producer Dean Rispler for
the past five years, so calling him was a no-brainer when we moved
into pre-production on We Did This On Purpose.  We were
introduced to Dean by our friends The Bamboo Kids back in 2005, and we’ve
been inseparable ever since.  Dean’s musical knowledge and work ethic are
amazing, and collaborating with him has made us better musicians and better
people.  It’s even made us better looking–if you think we’re ugly now, you should have
seen us a few years ago!

Get the band’s new EP here.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.