10 Questions With My Favorite Highway

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Today we have an interview with My Favorite Highway who just released their debut LP on Virgin entitled How To Call A Bluff. The record is an awesome power pop record that is catching on with the kids all across the land. Check out what they have to say after the jump.

1. What is the biggest mistake your group ever made?

We accidentally went to Canada one time, but we’re pretty flawless, we try not to make mistakes.

2. What is the smartest thing your group has ever done?

When we decided to make our record How To Call A Bluff before signing to a label, it has really paid off in the long run.

3. What advice can you give for a group looking to improve their live

Always play to a click track and make eye contact with your audience.

4. What advice can you give for a group to build up a buzz?

Always make yourself seem way bigger than you actually are, fake it until you make it.

5. What is the coolest piece of gear you have come across recently?

just finished building my wireless rack before our last tour, it’s all
self-contained so I can run my wireless mic and in ear monitors from on stage, it even has it’s own little mixer, it’s really cool and helps me hear my self better.

6. What is something you should bring on tour that most people may not think of?

phone chargers because you’re going to lose a couple. Dryer sheets for
your suitcase so that your clothes smell clean. Perfect push-ups
because you won’t have time to go to a gym.

7. Tell us something you learned from your last recording experience?

a vocalist, every time you record you learn something new about your
voice, I’ve recorded tons of songs on several different occasions for
many different projects, but this was my fourth time stepping back into
the studio to record MFH vocals and I really felt comfortable with my
voice, I feel like I finally found my vocal niche.

8. What is a piece of equipment you can’t live without? And Why?

My iPhone, because it has everything I need to survive on it.

9. What is the dumbest thing you see other groups do?

random band passed us on the highway outside of Chicago and one of them
stood up out of their front passenger-side window and shook his wiener
at us, I thought that was pretty dumb.

10. What have you learned songwriting wise recently?

It’s not extremely recent, but less is always more and imagery when used correctly in a song can be very cool.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.