10 Questions With An Artist/DJ: Lauren Flax

lauren_flax.jpgNo stranger to the NYC dance/electronic scene, Lauren Flax is a venerable veteran, having worked with Fischerspooner, Sia, Zero 7 as well as DJ’ing for Madonna.  In addition, she’s worked on remixes for Le Tigre, MEN, Telepathe and Morningwood -  not bad for a skinny white girl from Detroit.  Today we had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with Ms. Flax to talk about work habits, hustling with promotion and perhaps most importantly, Lindsay Buckingham.  Follow us after the jump and we’ll get right into it. 

1.  You seem to be pretty big into Myspace.  Tell us about the role social networks play in how you promote yourself.

If it weren’t for the internet, I would not be where I am today. Its enabled me to reach ears across the world when I would never have been able to otherwise.

2. What is the dumbest thing you see other bands/DJ’s do (live and/or in promotion)?

Not enjoy themselves! If people don’t like or enjoy their job,  find something else to do.

3. How has the importance of playing live/touring changed in the industry?

I think it’s just as important as it’s ever been, if not more. You have to be out there performing for your fans. They need the opportunity to see you live and I think you owe it to them as well.

4.  You’ve been in the game for a while now.  What do you see as  the biggest misconception in the music industry today?

I think these days, its not as important to be signed to a major label to become a huge success. There are options out there for everyone. You can have much more control than you might think.

5.  NYC is a very competitive environment for live music.  What is the best way to get more heads out to your shows?

Well to be honest, NYC is one of the most supportive cities I have ever been to! Most crew’s will support each other, book each other, remix each other. It’s a great feeling living here. But to answer the question about getting people to come out to your shows, it’s promotion promotion promotion. Make sure the words out there! But be humble, don’t just talk
about yourself or your band all the time. That’s no fun. and boring.

6.   You’re hitting the road later this year to play at some Fischerspooner DJ sets – what is the one thing you should bring on tour that most people forget?
My passport? *knocks wood*

7.  You’ve been known for your remixes.  What is the one thing you’ve learned recently about songwriting and remixing records that you can share?

Like any other job, I need structure. My good friend Kate Simko gave me great advice. You have to start writing immediately when you wake up. No TV, No Facebook, not Twitter, just writing. I find this to be so true. Even if I don’t have any deadlines, I try to always work Monday through Friday until 6.  On a good day I wont even realize its 8 o’clock at night.  Those are good days!

8. What has your favorite tool in the studio when writing songs?

LOGIC. Its been my main man for 7 years now.  Massive is a great plug in, which is what everyone uses to create those wobbly basslines. I find the ability to create some
great tones in there. Super fun.

9. At Musformation we talked a lot about DIY – an ethos you seem to embody.  What should bands be concentrating more on (what can bands do better for themselves than labels)?

Like I mentioned before, you can have a lot more control through independent labels.  It used to be everyone’s dream to get signed, but now as an artist, there are great opportunities elsewhere. Even with starting your own label.  

10.  Lastly, we know you love Fleetwood Mac – favorite member and why?

DEFINITELY Lindsay Buckingham. He is the best guitar player in the world to me. And of course and amazing song writer. If you watch him perform Big Love live, you’ll agree.

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