10 Questions With A Band: The Rosebuds (Merge Records)

rosebuds.jpgNC’s The Rosebuds have been kicking consistent 60′s-infused pop records on Merge for quite a few years now.  If you haven’t heard or seen them live you’re missing out on some classic songwriting and the amazing voice of Ivan Rosebud – their melodies are instantly memorable and often infectiously danceable.  Recently Musformation had the privilege to sit down for an interview with Ivan to discuss some important business like songwriting, record labels and what cell phone plan is best for you on the road.  

1. You guys finished your 4th full length at the end of last year. What have you learned songwriting wise recently?

Don’t rule out any ideas before you give them a chance to grow.  I used to filter a lot of song ideas before I would they would even leave the guitar strings, but now I try to be more patient and work through melodies that I think are too weird or out there and see what happens eventually.

2. Any new piece of gear you’ve discovered lately that you can’t live without (in the studio or live)? 

Well it’s not new but my SM7 microphone sure is a keeper.  As far as guitar gear goes, I’m pretty simple.  Just don’t take away my Boss RV-5 reverb pedals.

3. What advice can you give for a group looking to improve their live show?

Try anything. 

4. How do social networking sites play a role in the promotion of The Rosebuds?

It makes it easier to get the word about The Rosebuds to our friends and fans, but it also makes the disconnect greater in someways too.  For the simple fact that everyone has multiple sites and there is so much media thrown at us every second…

5. You guy are not on the road now, but you do tour often.  What is something you should bring on tour that most people may not think of?

Water and a cell phone with International plan.

6. What is the biggest misconception in the music industry today?

That bands are making a lot of money.  We played a coffee shop in Spokane WA a few years back and A woman came up to Kelly and asked us how we got to the show.  She said she bet we flew.  Kelly laughed and said actually we drove.  She then said I bet you guys have a bus.  A finger pointed to the mini van in the parking lot.

7. What is the dumbest thing you see other groups do?

Get really wasted every night on tour. Not to sound like a downer or anything but it really shreds your nerves and takes it out of you on a long tour.

8.  With the proliferation of free music and the current economy, making money is becoming even harder for bands these days.  Any creative ways you guys have found?

Not yet.

9. There is a big backlash against labels these days, but you guys are on a well respected Indie (Merge).  What do you feel that record labels can still you do better for bands than they can for themselves?

They have a better infrastructure for making ideas happen.

10. On the flip side, what should bands be concentrating more on (what can bands do better than labels)?

Write more songs.

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